CSR Strategic roadmap

The Orabank Group’s CSR strategy is divided into 4 strategic axes and 11 commitments. Progress targets have been set to measure our societal contribution.
100% of employees and partners trained on the values of the orabank brand
100% of at-risk employees and directors have received compliance and ethics training
100% of at-risk employees subjected to international anti-corruption checks
100% of transactions covered by anti-money laundering procedures
100% attendance at board of directors committee meetings
0 directors with conflicts of interest
75% of customers using digital services
+90% of customers satisfied with service quality
100% of the documents issued comply with the principles of the responsible communication charter
100% of employees enjoy an annual performance appraisal
98% retention of highest-rated staff
Absenteeism rate < 3.5%
100% of employees have taken their annual leave
100% of employees have received training
90% position/skill-set suitability rate
100% of age groups are represented on the staff
50% of senior positions are occupied by women
+20% of our credits awarded to microenterprises and SMEs
Credits extended for financing of women and young entrepreneurs
Credits extended as microfinance
At least one charitable programme per country for health and education causes
At least one profit-sharing savings product per country
100% of branches have a system for environmental resource management
100% of branches are effectively managing their energy consumption
CFA F150 million in structured financing packages approved
CFA F6 billion in support for projects under the afd’s sunref programme
Water- and sanitation-related development projects