Stakeholder engagement

To establish a relationship of trust, harmony and continuity with our various partners and to include all the relationships and partners of our value chain in our development.


customers are satisfied with services and products

90% in 2021
90% in 2020
90% in 2019


customers use digital offers

75% in 2021
100% in 2020
75% in 2019


IT network failures

172 in 2021
48 in 2020
15 in 2019


documents issued are in accordance with the charter responsible communication

100% in 2021
100% in 2020
With our remote services available through KEAZ, which is being deployed, we are taking a major strategic step. This comprehensive digital offer is perfectly adapted to the needs of our customers, and is aimed at all our customer segments. This new service allows us to be a bank ahead of the markets in which it operates.
Julien KOFFI
Sales and Marketing Director

Product development

Collaborative approach to innovation and agility
The Orabank Group operates in 4 highly diversified markets: individuals and professionals (TPE included), medium and large enterprises and institutional clients. Orabank offers a commercial offer enriched with innovative products and services, adapted to a sub-segmentation in development (young people, pensioners, diaspora…). , etc.).
Orabank is committed to collaborating in open-innovation with partners to develop products and services that meet the expectations of customers. Orabank offers a wide range of international Visa and Mastercard credit cards, a network of 219 ATMs and high-performance Electronic Payment Terminals (EPS), including Orabank’s first mPOS mobile device in francophone West Africa.
Since 2017, Orabank has been offering bundles of products for individuals and professionals. Orabank associates complementary players with the bank’s services and establishes strategic partnerships with insurance companies to develop bancassurance products and with public services to raise their funds (Single Window, Customs, Passport Services, Large Billers, etc.). Since 2018, Orabank has put in place a regional offer for companies, in line with its wide geographical presence in the various economic areas. Launched in the second half of 2019, the second phase of Oragroup’s Digital Financial Services (DFS) project continues by offering its clients innovative products tailored to their needs and contributing in a positive way to the digital transformation of the economies of the various countries where the group operates.
In 2021, Orabank Gabon Sanlam Pan Assurances have signed an agreement to pool their expertise and provide complementary hybrid financial products to Gabonese people. The agreement aims to determine the terms and conditions for the design and development of current and future insurance contracts. In 2021, Orabank Benin and Orabank Togo launched the deployment of Electronic Payment Terminals (EPT) on a large network of merchants. These Eftpos terminals, equipped with the “contactless” function, are available at numerous partners such as hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. In March 2021, Orabank Niger launched WeCollect, a service that allows corporate customers with an Orabank account to receive funds directly into their bank account from any country in the WAEMU. In November 2021, Orabank Benin expanded its fast money transfer service offering with the marketing of a new service called KORI MONEY TRANSFER. With KORI MONEY TRANSFER, it is possible to send and receive money to several African countries and therefore to several currency zones. In 2021, Orabank Togo launched Assur+, an insurance product that allows Orabank VISA cardholders to protect themselves against the risks of accident, death, permanent disability, theft, loss or alteration of the card.


Facebook fans

543 752 in 2021
538,920 in 2019
520,786 in 2019


LinkedIn contacts

127 371 in 2021
107,547 in 2020
64,408 in 2019


Instagram subscribers

3 182 in 2021
2,713 in 2020
1,930 in 2019


Twitter followers

4 353 in 2021
4,100 in 2020
3,661 in 2019
Innovation is at the heart of the Group’s concerns in order to go even further in optimizing the customer experience. The KEAZ platform, launched as a pilot in the Orabank Togo banking network, is a case in point. A digital banking platform, KEAZ represents, through its functionality, its accessibility and its simplicity, a tool adapted to the new uses of our customers. It will be deployed to the countries of the Group in the course of 2020. Since July 2019, Orabank has offered its clients in Togo a portfolio of innovative digital banking services and self-service agencies (applications, wallet, e-banking and agency banking) under the name KEAZ.
This is an omnichannel offer for individuals and professionals, as well as an app that can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play. The clients of Orabank Togo, a pilot site, will be the first to benefit from it, followed by those of the other countries of the Group. With KEAZ, Orabank launches a wide range of digital products. The aim is not only to equip mobile phone users with digital products, but also to make banking services accessible and available to all segments of the population by developing a true proximity relationship through an ambitious commercial approach.
The platform provides the following products: Internet Banking for individuals, Internet Banking for businesses, Internet Banking for sub-agents, Mobile Banking / Wallet (Apple/Android and USSD) and ATM (multi-purpose ATM allowing cash deposit, card-free withdrawal, updating of account and customer information). Several other services, such as payment of water and electricity bills, person-to-person payments, electronic wallet (eVoucher) allowing for card-free withdrawals at ATMs or money transfer services, will be offered on the KEAZ platform. Oragroup will complete the production phase of its KEAZ omnichannel platform by the end of 2021, which is currently deployed in 11 of 12 countries. Note that KEAZ CASH is the electronic money carrier available in the KEAZ offer for individuals and allows cash withdrawals without a card and the sending and receipt of electronic money. This feature also allows non-bank clients to receive electronic money via KEAZ.
Three years after the launch of its KEAZ application, Orabank Group is about to roll out new features on its KEAZ platform such as transfers to prepaid cards, delegation of authority, generation of “payment tokens”, scheduling of payments and the possibility for economic actors to perform new types of transactions through the application. In addition, Orabank Togo presented the new interface of the application on June 10, 2022. In 2022, the Orabank Group launched its KEAZ EXPERIENCE campaign aimed at introducing the digital platform KEAZ. This campaign was an opportunity for the Group to present its application which contains 3 worlds: MY KEAD, KEAZ PRO and KEAZ SPOT.