of subsidiaries have an environmental management system

20% in 2021
100% in 2020
100% in 2019


of subsidiaries effectively drive their energy consumption

44% in 2021
100% in 2020
100% in 2019


teams in charge of client portfolio are trained in CSR approach

40% in 2021
100% in 2020
100% in 2019
The Orabank Group reduces the environmental impacts of its activities and its consumption of materials and fluids in its agencies and as part of its mobility.
Head of General Means

Environmental impacts

Reduce resource consumption
Orabank is committed to improving the Group’s environmental footprint and reducing its consumption of materials and fluids in its agencies and as part of its mobility.
Orabank makes commitments to improve energy control, sustainable natural resource management and environmental protection through an environmental management program that is gradually deployed in subsidiaries and based on operational measures.

Good practices of subsidiaries

Paper / Consumables

  • Duplex Printing Management for Printing and Recycled Paper
  • Information management system deployed in subsidiaries and holding companies to optimize the printing function of documents (rental printers and efficient management of consumables)
  • Paper savings by re-using drafts for certain internal prints
  • Awareness of the use of email instead of physical email
  • Establishment of dashboard to monitor consumption of paper and office supplies by department
  • Production of posters to raise awareness of paper consumption and use
  • Font Reduction
  • Strict management of paper trains by department


  • Change of office lamps by low-energy LEDs in all agencies
  • Poster on best practices in energy reduction
  • Monitoring of generator fuel consumption by agency
  • Installation of prepaid fuel cards and monitoring of fuel consumption by logbook available in each bank vehicle
  • Installation of motion detector for the activation of lights
  • Automatic detection tool for non-switched devices
  • SMS alert or daily monitoring of offices by officers or security guards
  • Pre-paid fuel cards and consumption tracking and vehicle log tracking
  • Optimization of shuttles in agencies
  • Optimization of travel between agencies and headquarters
  • Daily monitoring of offices by officers or guards
  • Turn off air conditioners and lights for short and long absences


  • Poster on best practices in reducing water consumption
  • Parsimonious use of water
  • For coffee, boil only the amount of water needed


  • Waste sorting of the restaurant
  • Recycling of plastic packaging


  • Poster of eco-gestures in agencies
  • Awareness in the form of oral communication
  • Internal communication campaign for the rational use of electric power (lamps and air conditioning) and water
  • Publication of a document to raise awareness among employees on the harmful effects of plastic use on the environment
  • Heads of departments and directors are involved in ensuring compliance with these instructions.
Reduce CO2 emissions
The Orabank Group is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by developing a sustainable mobility policy based on digital alternatives to travel and a car replacement policy, etc. But the Orabank Group also has a significant impact in the context of supporting financing projects for green growth and the transition to low-carbon energy.