average age in years

38,8 in 2021
38.9 in 2020
38.6 in 2019


of employees are women

42% in 2021
41% in 2020
40% in 2019


of managers are women

31% in 2021
31% in 2020
30% in 2019


internal advancement of women

39% in 2021
41% in 2020
44% in 2019


of women in CODIR

22% in 2021
25% in 2020
26% in 2019


Equal pay
The Orabank Group attaches great importance to professional equality between men and women. All our policies (recruitment, promotion, mobility or training) do not discriminate and must apply strictly in this regard. We formulate diversity objectives in different sectors and in the front lines. In 2021, improvements were made in some areas concerning professional equality, but efforts will continue to improve results.
Orabank supports the feminization of recruitment (internal mobility and external applications) by systematically integrating women into all the selected profiles and by combating stereotypes in particular in our technical professions. Jobs with executive status are more male. As regards recruitment, a particular focus was placed throughout 2019 and 2020 on promoting female candidates. In 2021, 189 men were recruited against 127 women, a rate of 40% women recruitment in 2021 compared to 36% in 2020. efforts need to be continued in order to achieve the gender parity target (50% of women recruited by report on total recruitments), which was set by the Recruitment Group for each year.
Orabank aims to identify and support female talent within the Group, in particular through proactive training, mentoring, or specific networks. At the level of the digital campus, a specific module consisting of various educational content was set up during 2020 and focuses on female leadership. This module aims to raise awareness of the subject among all staff and to provide them with ongoing training for their personal development. Since 2018, an Orabankers Women’s Group has been formed to discuss women’s development issues in the Group and make recommendations to management on the subject. A tutoring will be set up between senior and junior women of the Group. At the holding company, equal pay for men and women is in place and is gradually being introduced in the subsidiaries.

Diversity of governance bodies

In 2021, the representation rate of women at the CODIR level at the Group level is 22% at 31/12/2021, compared to 25% in 2020. The branch of Burkina Faso is the entity that holds the better representation of women at CODIR (6 women out of 16 members of CODIR, i.e. 38%), followed by the Niger branch (4 out of 12 women, or 33%) and Ivory Coast (5 out of 16 women, or 31%).
Among the population of executives at the branch and branch level, we have 4 women who occupy the positions of CEO/Deputy CEO (Benin, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Chad) against three in 2020. At the level of CODIR (Steering Committees), efforts will continue on the issue of professional equality. Orabank wishes to focus on the advancement of women to senior and executive positions.


Combating discrimination
Orabank is committed to ensuring that the company is representative among our employees. Our diversity policy is based on a key principle: value each individual while respecting all differences. Diversity is a key factor in a company’s performance. It is a matter of treating each individual, with his or her differences, as an added value.
We intend to promote and enhance these individual differences and make them a rich part of our teams. We believe that compensation should be fair and equitable and encourage employees to work in the long-term interest of clients, while contributing to the overall performance of the company. Among the gender promotion initiatives within the Group, we can mention the publication since March 2021 at Orabank Benin, of a weekly internal newsletter called “Les Amazones” through which, the portrait of a female staff member is produced and distributed to all employees and shared with all staff.